Sunday, July 24, 2016

Convergence wall hanging - nine!

I can't even remember when I completed this Convergence quilt top, but it was probably around 2003/2004. I've got two completed Convergence wall-hangings that I alternate hanging in my sewing room and while I still like them, I'm ready for something else on my walls... now to figure out what that is! :)

Anyway, in my quest to complete more UFOs/WIPs, I "dug" this out of my pile and decided it was the next project I wanted to complete. Easy, actually, since it was already a top. I tried and tried to think of ways to work with it... de-construct it? embellish it? cut it apart and make it a part of something else? Well, I could not settle on any idea that clicked for me, so the next best thing was just to finish it. And, I did that last Tuesday (7/19/16)!!

I decided to try a different way of quilting it and I am loving the way it looks. It works well for a wall-hanging as it makes the quilt somewhat "rigid" and it was easy/fun to do and quick too!. I'm finding myself attracted to the more "modern" styles of quilting these days. Isn't it great that quilting never gets boring since there are always new ideas and new techniques coming along that keep it fun and interesting!!

This is my ninth finish for 2016 and I'm posting it out of order, since it's the first one I've been able to get photographed. I've been surprised at how much motivation keeping a list and crossing off finished projects has given me. Now I have to decide what to do next.

I'm probably going to put this into my etsy shop, but until I get it there, you are welcome to email me if you think you might be interested in it.

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Jackie said...

Congratulations on your finish Terri! It's a gorgeous quilt - such happy colors - and I like the wavy lined quilting.

Sally said...

It's wonderful! I actually have some of that border print in my stash and love it.

Congratulations on all your finished UFOs.

I, too, have become more attracted to "modern" quilts.

I had seen photo somewhere of a bedroom that was very minimally furnished so I decided to redecorate my bedroom into a black,red and white room. All that was required was painting the walls an off-white, painting a dresser and desk bright red with a shiny finish and painting the dresser white with red drawers and using black knobs and drawer pulls. Also bought some inexpensive pictures from Salvation Army, removed the picture, painted the frames black and left the inside bare and hung them so the wall shows in the background. Did insert one black and white batik into a frame and hung that one along with the "bare" ones. I had a white bedspread and a black and white quilt which I angled over the bedspread. And I had two red pillow covers for the pillows. Think it cost me no more than $100 for the renovations. So much fun!

Now I'm onto the "blue" room but not painting any furniture, just repurposing blue "stuff" from the rest of the house. Am painting the walls the same off-white as the "red" room.

Regarding modern quilts, I think they require a lot of solid fabrics to be effective, however. I do have many of those but mostly in fat quarters and half yds.

BTW, I started out college intending to be an interior decorator but when I found out you had to "manage" a house with a budget, cleaning, preparing a menu, before you even got to any designing, I changed my mind about my major real quick. Still love to rearrange furniture and add quirky stuff here and there.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh I just love the rich colour in this quilt and the design!

Material Girl said...

I'm actually responding to your post about finishing the ScrapVomit quilt. Congratulations- it looks great. I am working on my UFO/WIP pile as well. It is so hard not to start something new. I have done a few totes and purses, small projects that I finish, to console myself. My major problem is not quilting umpteen million tops! It's a bit warm to do much of that now so I'm playing in my scraps. I've made many tops and need to make many more. Keep up the good work- it feels great to see that pile diminish
PS you are brave to count your projects. Not sure that I want to know!