Friday, June 24, 2016

Which Witch's Boot embroidery done!

I've finished this Which Witch's Boot embroidery (pattern by Crabapple Hill) and I'm extremely happy with it. I was taking a big chance on the white embroidery showing up enough on the black background, but it worked out really well, I think. I was also afraid that the black fabric might run (since I forgot to wash it first) in the soaking, but the perle cotton stayed nice and white. Yippee!

I've also got all of my orange peel blocks (I'm not following the pattern in this regard) done for the border, so it's just a matter now of assembling the whole thing and getting it quilted. And... it will be done waaaaaaay before Halloween. That's the best part! :)

My inspiration came from a finished panel I saw when I was visiting In Between Stitches in Livermore year before last. They had done the crayon-colored version on a white/light background, and I loved it the moment I saw it even though I knew I wanted it on a dark background.

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Sally said...

Wow! I love it. You are very talented!