Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Time gets away from us, doesn't it?

I've been so involved in other aspects of my life that I haven't been posting nearly as often as I used to. I'm sure those of you who have been reading my blog for years have noticed. I still love my blog, but find it a bit more difficult to think of interesting things to write about. I've also fallen off the photography bandwagon for awhile. I haven't used my good camera in many months and that is something I want to rectify... I miss it!

I have managed to finish another UFO (well, technically I still have one side of the binding to sew down by hand, but I'm counting it as finished since that will happen today). I'm still somewhat surprised at myself for sticking with my goal of working on as many of my UFOs as I can. I seem to have developed a very short attention span over the years. I thought for sure that I would want to start something new by now, but it hasn't happened. This is my 4th finish for the year.

I started this Scrappy Trips Around the World in 2014 - only 2 years ago!!. :) And, I used random fabrics - meaning I just grabbed them out of a basket and sewed them together. I did make sure that I used the darkest fabric for the middle row so the design would work out, but other than that there are some really ugly fabrics in this quilt.  Turns out that I love it!!! I'm going to keep this one (unless someone offers me some good $$ and begs with me to part with it) because it's so cheerful and happy. It's fairly large too.

I quilted it horizontally using wavy lines, which left it soft and cuddly. I seem to gravitate towards the simple quilting styles these days.

It rained Friday and yesterday and it was forecast for today, but so far the clouds have just blown over. Isn't that wonderful? I mean about us getting rain. The landscape is green and lovely right now and the roses are prolific! I don't know if I'm just appreciating them more because of our drought situation or they really are more spectacular than usual, but they are gorgeous!!

Ok... off topic but, I'm wondering why this bill was defeated last week?

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend... I am!!

Take care,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

the quilt is beautiful! AND you should keep it!

Sally said...

Wonderful quilt. I admire you're sticking with it. Thousands of squares have always made me nuts because the seams never seem to go the way I want them to. Anyway, I can see why you love it. I, too, amazingly, am back into finishing some UFOs Maybe we just needed a break! So nice to see you blogging again. Keep at it!

La Mañosa said...

What a beautiful, cheerful quilt! I kept thinking about making a second Scrappy Trip to fit my bed. I made a throw size years ago and I keep wishing I had made it larger. :)

Mystic Quilter said...

I must hav missed this post Terri- my blog list mysteriously disappeared totally so I am busy trying to put everything back on the dashboard! I love this quilt - a real beauty and if it were me I would definitely be keeping it!