Saturday, March 05, 2016

Here's a sneak peek... sort of!

Here's a very, very obscure peek at what I'm presently working on. It's one of my UFOs and I've completed all the blocks for this quilt, and am in the process of sewing them together in anticipation of quilting the top/batting/backing together. I seem to be having a little difficulty trying to decide on a quilting design at this point.

I want to do something more modern than might be expected for a quilt such as this and I keep thinking that any day now an idea is just going to pop into my head. So far, it hasn't but who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Can you guess which quilt pattern it is?

Take care,


Mystic Quilter said...

The words "New York Beauty" come to mind here! Even if I am wrong I love the colours you're working with, don't they look stunning with the black.

Sally said...

Yeah, she's back! No idea what the pattern is, but it's very intriguing! Tell us, please!

Sally said...

Looking more closely again at the photo (of which you didn't give us much of a hint--tsk, tsk) I'd say it's Karen Stone pattern. Maybe Cinco de mayo?