Saturday, November 07, 2015

Bags and socks... that's my life!

I've been making lots of bags this last year and knitting socks, but I have done practically nothing that I could call quilting. Except purchasing quilt fabric, of course! I have one more commitment in each of these categories and then I am free to do a little quilting. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy making bags and knitting socks and when someone wants to buy them, well that's the icing on the cake. But, I do have a couple (more than that really) quilts that are close to being finished and it would be wonderful to call them done! :)

This is the latest Caravan tote I made. Again, it was fabrics supplied by my "customer/friend" from which I was able to choose. I love doing it that way since then she gets something she knows she'll like and I still get to feel creative.

The Caravan tote is a wonderful pattern. It's the perfect size with lots of pockets and it looks so sophisticated. The only modifications I make are to use Soft & Stable and to make a recessed zipper.

And, these are the latest socks I knit. I've been using the Tesserae pattern over and over because I love it, it fits really well, and it's so easy I don't have to think about it while knitting. As long as it fits the foot it's made for, I'm happy. I used BMFA Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Sassafrass colorway. And... they're for me! :)

On a different note, we have been having the exterior of our house painted and they will be finishing up today. Our painters have done a great job as it looks wonderful! Just in time for the El Nino rains. We also had our gutters cleaned and our drains cleared so we're pretty much ready.

Today I changed to flannel sheets on the bed so it's actually starting to feel like fall. We're still having warm days, but the nights are a lot cooler. Yea!!

Happy weekend!

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Primroses Attic said...

What a lovely colourful bag. I have never tried knitting socks, they look so hard.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag!