Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another bag finish...

I love how good this bag looks. I used a sophisticated neutral for once and with the great hardware, it really looks very good. It's the Shelby Satchel by Sassafras Lane. I finished it a while ago but forgot about posting it until my friend Pat reminded me about it.

The pattern is well written with only a couple spots that gave me pause. I had to read and reread, but finally it clicked. A couple places I didn't care for how they suggested finishing a piece so I improvised my own method. And I did add a small interior pocket to hold my cell phone. Anyway, it's a great bag and now I just have to figure out how to make it work for all my stuff. This bag requires the contents to be very organized in order to close it and I'm not used to that! :)

I used Essex Linen and love how easy it was to work with. I did not use soft and stable in it, but wish I had. Although when it's filled, it's just fine. I think maybe using a different fabric that doesn't have a tendency to wrinkle the way linen does might be better. Anyway... I do love it!!!

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