Saturday, November 08, 2014

It's been a productive day...

Hubby and I have gotten quite a bit done today and it feels so good. It doesn't happen quite as often as I would like so I'm really enjoying it. We had to take his car in for new brakes and tires and although that's one expense I could do without, it's so nice to have new tires with lots of tread.

We also had a couple of big items listed on craigslist that sold today. One, a slipper chair that I just listed Wednesday, was purchased to be used in an upcoming movie. Kind of exciting, I thought!

I worked a couple hours on the channel quilting for the front and back of the cargo duffel I'm making, but I got to the point where I needed to do the bottom and zipper gussets and without a zipper, it was impossible to continue. I got the zipper ordered, after searching for awhile to find exactly what I wanted, and hope it will be here early next week.

And, lastly, I just got these four zipper pouches listed in my etsy shop. I have more made... I just have to get photos of them and get them listed. :)

I love these kinds of days!!

Take care,

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ytsmom said...

How exciting about your chair! My LQS sold some fabric to be used in Grey's Anatomy.