Saturday, September 13, 2014

Are you interested in an HQ Sixteen longarm???

A friend of mine is selling her Handi Quilter Sixteen (not the Sweet Sixteen) Longarm quilting machine and I told her I would be happy to let my readers know in case there is someone out there who wants it and is local to our area (Camarillo) or close enough to make the drive to pick it up. Pam is a perfectionist so I know that this machine will be in absolutely excellent condition.

Pam sent me a photo of the actual machine so this is it! It's a stand-up machine rather than the sit-down Sweet Sixteen. Kinda confusing I know, but an important distinction.

The setup comes with Micro Handles, Stitch Regulator, Stylus with Groovy Boards, Laserlight Kit, Bobbin Winder, Video, and a very stable Adjustable Table. She's asking $5000 which sounds like a great deal to me.

If you are interested, just contact me at imquilternity at yahoo dot com and I'll give you her contact information.

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Post was edited to add the actual photo of the machine and the correct information as to model.

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