Friday, July 18, 2014

200 Vintage 4-patch quilt blocks...

I just listed this package of 200 4-patch quilt blocks in my shop. They are old... I'm guessing that a lot of them are from the 30's/40's and they are kinda funky, but fun! I think many of them contain feedsack fabric.

The predominant color is blue/aqua and I think they would make a lovely, very vintage looking quilt or maybe a pillow or two. I found them many years ago at the Rosebowl Swap Meet and they been stored in my sewing room since. I'm de-stashing and know I'll never put them to good use.

Like I said, they are kinda funky. They measure approx 3 3/4" but they are not perfect by any means. Also, there are quite a few that are stained and I'm not sure the stains will come out with laundering or not. My guess is that maybe 15 - 20% are stained and the photo above shows one of the worst. Most just have tiny stains here and there.

Anyway, if you think they sound like something you might be interested in having, they are here! I priced them very well, I think.

Wow! They're gone... that was the fastest sale I've ever had! :)) Thanks MJS!

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Kar said...

Not a shock they sold so fast. They look pretty great to me. :)