Sunday, June 01, 2014

Absolutely no doubt about it.

I am absolutely obsessed with making these Zip & Go bags. I made these three this weekend and have 3 or 4 more cut out. They are such a perfect size for running around town without having to carry everything you own. I made mine specifically to take to Disneyland, but I can think of many, many times I'll be using it. Like everyday on my walk, when I need to take my phone and some tissues. It's lightweight and easy to carry since it's "cross-body" - and - it's cute!

These are for my husband to take into his work, where his female co-workers hassle him until I make enough of them for him to show them. I love it! The one(s) that don't sell will be listed in my etsy shop.

Take care,


Diane J. Evans said...

Well, obviously these are selling VERY well at your husband's work place, because I keep going to your Etsy shop and finding none there!! I would love to buy the one with black background and dotted circles, the first one on the left in your top picture. Any chance it's still available???


Rochelle @ eSheep Designs said...

These are lovely little bags. I envy you your wonderful selection of fabrics as they all seem to fit the project quite well!

Maria said...

Hi Terri
These are just beautiful. The colours are amazing. So bright and cheerful. I'm sure they'll sell.