Tuesday, May 13, 2014

He's happy...

Yep. DH is happy since he gets to take these three bags into work tomorrow to show to his co-worker's. They love it when he brings my stuff in... most of the time it's baked goods that I make especially for them, but every once in a while he gets to take bags, or mug rugs, or knitted scarves or socks. Even if they don't always purchase something, they love seeing what I'm making at the moment and they can appreciate a hand-made item. It makes me feel good.

If he comes home with any (or all) of them, they'll go straight into the shop!

Take care,

eta: They all sold.


Sally said...

I"m sure they'll all be gone by 5 pm!

Kar said...

Gorgeous prints you used in making them! Crossing my fingers for a sale! :)