Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just not for me... are they for you?

I was looking through my collection of precut goods in my stash yesterday and came upon these batiks strips that I had forgotten about. I've decided that I'm just not a lover of batiks. I love how they look, but I don't love sewing with them and very, very rarely use them. For that reason, I'm going to destash some of my them over the next little while. I'll start out with these Bali Pops by Hoffman. I bought these for myself when I was selling them in my online shop. There are 40 2 1/2" strips in each package.

I have 2 Strawberry Fields (Sold)

I have 1 Sherbert (Sold)

I have 1 Kiwiberry   Sold

I have 1 Mulberry Sold

and and I have 2 Mint Chip (Sold)

I'm offering them here on my blog before I list them anywhere else in case one (or more, I hope) of you are interested in them. I'm selling them for my cost + shipping so it's a great deal!

$16.50 each + $3.50 shipping via first class mail. $20 shipped - that's a GREAT price! If you want more than one I'll combine them and ship via the least expensive method. I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to offer these internationally since (unless you want them all) it would be cost prohibitive to ship them. Leave a comment or send me an email if you want one or more! :)

Thanks for looking!

Take care,

eta: as of last night, 1/15/14, all of the Bali Pops have sold. Thanks so much to everyone who purchased one.


Millie said...

I'll take the kiwiberry!

Wendy said...

I absolutely love batiks! Ackkk, I am on a fabric no buy for the next six months though! If it was not for that I would buy them all! Good luck in selling them...I am trying so hard to be good and not buy any of these...must go now!:)

Jenny said...

i love your destashes terri,luckily for me (this time) batiks are not for me either...what a great price!!