Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It's a steal, I think...and a finger broken.

If you are like me, you follow Kathy at Material Obsession on a regular basis. I'm always amazed at the activities going on at her shop and the gorgeous quilts, kits, and BOMs they make and offer for sale. They have such a knack for combining interesting, and not always pretty, fabrics with the outcome being such stunning combinations. I'm always in awe. I have a friend that I used to fabric shop with who has that same ability. I would watch in horror as she bought fabrics that I considered hideous and then I would wish I had bought them too when I saw her gorgeous quilts. :))

Anyway, my friend Sally, who blogs at CrossRhoads, and who does gorgeous work herself is selling the Fly Away with Me BOMs she purchased from Kathy's shop.  I'll let you read the details here, but I think this is one "steal" of a deal. If you check the Materials Obsession website, you'll see that the BOM is already sold out. And, this is the second time it's been offered since it was so popular the first time. They obviously go fast so I'm sure one of you will be interested in purchasing these BOMs for this great price. And, if they aren't for you, maybe you know someone else who might love to have them. Contact Sally for more details. eta: Sally let me know that the blocks have sold!

Here's a good portion of this lovely quilt...

photo courtesy of Material Obsession

On the home front, my husband just sent me a photo taken after his visit to the doctor this morning.

While playing BB on Sunday, he thought maybe his finger had been broken when someone grabbed his hand from behind and pulled it. We weren't sure and it seemed to be getting a little less swollen and painful over time, but I still suggested he go get it checked out. Sure enough, it's broken. The lucky part is that the break is a "good" one in that wearing this cast for three weeks will help it heal and be as good as normal.

He's a trumpet player, too, and performs in many concerts, especially at this time of year. In fact, he just played last night in what was now his last concert for this season. :(

Take care,


Sally said...

Oh my word! What a freak accident! I hope healing goes well. Is he right handed? I'm sure he's disappointed he won't be able to participate in holiday musical celebrations. Please give him my sympathy.

Mystic Quilter said...

Looks like your husband won't be playing BB for a little while!!!
I too follow Kathy of Material Obsession and her quilts are very different.

Kar said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Pure talent.

I hope your husband feels better soon. What a bummer he won't be doing any more concerts this season. :(