Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a gift!

Our quilting group is having our party during class on Thursday and we are each bringing either an item from the 99 cent store or a handmade gift to exchange, 3 fat quarters (for a new game I haven't played before, but one person ends up with all the fat quarters) and something good to eat for our potluck.

I'm ready with the handmade gift. Believe it or not, the majority of the gals in my group had never heard of a mug rug before last class, when I was working on the binding for one that I recently put in the shop. There were several hints that it might be a good gift for our party. Little did they know that I had already made one for the very purpose!

I've got my three fat quarters all ready to take too. They are supposed to be white, grey, and black so it will be fun to see what everyone brings. I hope that I'm the one that ends up with them all, but the odds of that happening are probably non-existent since I'm just not lucky that way. However, if I do win them, I'll be sure and let you all know. :)

Still thinking about the food part...

Love this time of year!!

Take care,


Sally said...

So bright and cheery! Wish I were coming to your party…BTW, your husband and I are sharing something-- broken bones. Broke my right hand in a fall. Puts a damper on knitting and quilting.

Rosa said...

Love your colorful mug rug!