Monday, September 30, 2013

My monday...

I'm having a fun day. I had errands to run after getting all the regular Monday morning activities accomplished at home. I went to the Newbury Park library to return some DVDs I rented over the weekend.

The parking lot and landscaping were completely re-done and it's such a treat now - especially compared to what it was like before.

Then, it was on to the grocery store (Albertson's) where I had to return a half-gallon of milk that went sour even though the expiration date on it was 10/4/13. They've been having a huge problem with their milk going sour and told us to return it for a refund. I wouldn't ordinarily do it, but we've had sour milk ALL summer. Anyway, when I walked in the front door I was stunned to see this gorgeous display of pumpkins. Albertson's has never done anything like this before.

On the other side of this display, near the checkout area, I happened to see a large display of Christmas Cactus & Poinsettias and wrapped for Christmas bottles of wine. What????? September 30th???? Ok, I don't even begin to understand that.

Back at home, I'm replacing all the brass door knobs throughout the house with these door handles/levers. Not DH, but me! I'm kinda proud of myself because I'm just not the mechanical/tool type person, but I'm actually having a good time doing these. And they look sooooo much better than those old knobs.

Hope you're enjoying your Monday too!

Take care,


Exuberant Color said...

I can understand the Christmas cactus but poinsettias and bottles wrapped for Christmas? Way too early.

HollyM said...

What a beautiful pumpkin display! I love all the different colors and sizes.
You're right about the Christmas thing. Stuff goes up way too early! Seriously, who's going to buy a pointsettare now?
I have no mechanical talents! I always have a hard time to figure out how something goes together. The handle is pretty.