Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Being in Maine and seeing lots of pumpkins and all the leaves turning to brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds has got me in the mood for Fall. We actually experienced "weather" in the form of thunderstorms, overcast skies and rain, and cooler temps, and on a couple of occasions, had to wear our warm jackets. It was absolutely wonderful!

So I started looking around for ideas and as usual, I always find myself at the BHG site, where they never disappoint.

I love the simplicity of this and the great contrast between the roses and the vase.

Another simple, yet stunning, way to use natural items found in the garden (or maybe the Farmer's Market if they are not in your garden). I love the glass dome.

Sometimes it's as easy as making (or purchasing) an autumn-colored table runner.

I'm a sucker for the pumpkins under glass... this time they are all white.

It's easy to tuck a few mini/small pumpkins here and there amongst your existing displays.

Although I love this idea and how it looks, I'm not sure I would advocate cutting a wonderful old globe in half. But, if a damaged one could be found, then I'm all for it! I think this would look great with flowers (white mums would look wonderful) or leaves too.

This is very nice too. Simple, easy and elegant, don't you think?

Sandbag bookend... who would have thought of this? It's clever and cute and for anyone with sewing skills and fabric, it would be a cinch to make.

Ok, this is very cute, and I love it, but it's definitely too much work for me. :)) I would love to see one of these in real life. Here's one already made a etsy.

Another glass dome idea... I think these are so interesting and elegant.

I'm loving this! Feathers, wheat, & nuts... how simple and yet, how stunning.

Great idea for the mantle. So simple, easy, and very lovely. It's not screaming "Fall" since the colors are more subdued.

That's it for now. Hope you've found some inspiration.

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