Saturday, August 24, 2013

Halloween fabrics... need any?

I was going through my stash Halloween fabrics the other day and came across these three pieces that I've decided I will never use. I'm hoping one (or more) of you might feel the need to own these. :)

The fabric above is a 2 1/4 yard x 44" piece of 100% cotton quilting cotton called "Cats N Bats" - $12.00 shipped.

This "Howl-oween" Doggie/Dog Print is 35" x 44", 100% cotton -  $6.00 shipped. Pending

The two photos above show this "Halloween Vixens", 100% cotton fabric by Robert Kaufman, which is 1/4 yard x 44". You can see the entire length of the 44" to see exactly what you get. $3.50 shipped. Sold

As is always the case with my photos, if you double-click on them you can see a larger size.

Happy Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you're having a more relaxing time since "retirement". And hard to believe there are decorations for Halloween everywhere.