Thursday, July 04, 2013

4th of July Concert at Ojai's Libbey Bowl

I spent last evening at the Libbey Bowl in Ojai listening to the great 4th of July concert by the Ventura British Brass band. I say "I spent..." because my husband is one of the cornet players.

They have such a wonderful sound and sitting outside in the Libbey Bowl was a great way to experience that sound.

This morning at the Classic Car show in the neighborhood, I had the pleasure to thank three local firefighters for the courageous part they played in the recent Springs fire. It felt so good to let them know how very much they are appreciated. I have to admit that I became emotional and they were surprised. They mentioned that they get thanked by a lot of people, but I'm the first one to burst out in tears. It doesn't embarrass me that I was tearful; it meant a lot to me that our home and neighborhood was spared. We chatted for quite awhile after I composed myself and they were terrific guys!

Hoping you're all enjoying your 4th!

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Kar said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening celebrating the 4th. And how fun is that to have your husband playing in the band! Awesome!