Monday, June 24, 2013

This is it!!

Even though the shop is officially open through the 30th, the last day you'll be able to place an order will be on the 29th and as of 6/24 the only method of payment I will accept is Paypal. Things are winding down and merchant accounts are being closed. Kinda difficult and sad for me after 8 years in business... change is difficult sometimes, isn't it? And with Google Reader going away at the same time! :)

This is the last post of this kind that I will be doing and I'm sure you're all breathing a huge sigh of relief (as I am)! I want to thank all of my wonderful customers... I'm going to miss you (unless you visit me at my etsy shop).

Hopefully, I will have a bit more time now to actually get some quilting done! :)

Take care,

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Sally said...

i hope you're going to keep blogging!