Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another pretty pile 'o fabrics...

Here's another pretty order. This one is interesting because it's such an eclectic choice of fabrics and yet, I think, they all look great together. See what I mean...

But, when I turned the camera around and took the photo from the other angle, it almost looks like a different order.

What I really like about this order is the addition of the white/black and black/white fabrics for contrast. It really makes all the other fabrics look better! Don't you agree?

My fabric SALE is still going strong (and I'm still nagging you to visit - and I'm going to keep it up till the fabric is gone)!! We've got GREAT prices...come see! If you are using a coupon code, you've got to enter it when you are completing your order, otherwise I won't know about it.

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