Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outgoing mail - letters & a postcard

Yesterday I sent off two letters to new international penpals. I didn't take a photo because when I left for the post office the envelopes were pretty plain.  Once there, however, one of my favorite postal clerks suggested some wonderful stamps (in substitute for the new Global Forever stamp that just came out on the 27th and which they don't have in stock yet) and applied them for me, stamped both envelopes in red and gave me some "par avion" stickers to use. I was pleasantly surprised that she understood I was trying to make the envelopes look good! Next time I'll have to take my camera with me although the people in line behind me might not appreciate that! :)

Today is a different story. Only two items, one a postcard for Postcrossing and one a letter for my sis. I think mail art is intriguing and I like the idea of repurposing/recycling so I used a privacy envelope that a bill had come in and turned it inside out. A little tape here and there and some stickers and I think it looks pretty good, especially with that Emancipation Proclamation stamp.

I'll admit that as much as I am making the effort to write letters and postcards in longhand, I'm really out of shape. My brain goes way faster than my hand, but the practice is doing me good. The thrill of receiving a handwritten letter in the mail is such a great reward too! Anyone else interested in becoming pen pals?????

Even though shipping rates have been raised (boo hoo), my fabric SALE is still going strong. We've got GREAT prices...come see! My goal is to empty out the shop! I'll be writing a post about that in a few days.

Take care,

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Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Terri, I wanted to join you, but until my wrist is completely healed, there is no writing going on yet.