Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spider webs...

We've got spider webs outside on everything this year. They are are on our patio furniture, the giant bird-of-paradise plants, pots, from plant to plant on various plants, the fences (both stucco and iron), the wheelbarrow, the fountain, get the idea. It's enough to make one want to stay inside. I'm constantly cleaning spider webs off and they next day they are back. Fortunately, I haven't seen the spiders that are making these webs. I don't "do" spiders very well. :))

 - look at all the lovely bokeh -

This is pretty interesting though. It's a spider web that stretches from the Japanese Maple tree in the corner of our courtyard to the umbrella in the middle of the courtyard. And, it's got a leaf in the center of it - as part of the web. I've never seen anything like this before and although I was able to get a pretty photo of it, it still gives me the creeps!!

Hope you're having a wonderful, spider-free weekend!

Take care,


Jackie said...

I wonder if spiders don't like the heat? I think in an odd way, that leaf still leaves me with the idea of a spider. Something about the tendrils of the leaf looking leggy. It's a gorgeous photo and you've captured the web beautifully!

Sally said...

Sorry you don't like them. I think they're kind of interesting. I admire them when the dew shines on them showing all their wonderful weaving. I don't particularly much care for the spiders themselves, however. I guess, though our fabric tastes are in sync, our love of spider webs is not.

HollyM said...

We had more spiders than usual this year and they were bigger too! They've all gone to bed for the winter now though. I wouldn't clean up my vegetable gardens there were so many webs hanging about.
I don't mind them too much but I for sure wouldn't like one crawling on me.