Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apple right from the tree....

My husband and I go annually to See Canyon for apples. We are kinda picky though, and prefer just one variety over all the others that are available.

During the month of October, we have to check in with the apple farm every couple of days to inquire whether the Splendours are available yet.

And, when they are, we hightail it up to get some....20 lbs this year. Last year we missed out on them by one day!

At the turnoff to the apple farm, there is a wonderful outdoor produce market/farm stand where they always have lots of fun things to see, wonderful vegetables, flowers, and pumpkins to purchase, and yummy pies and pastries to sample and take home.

There's a petting zoo too with a lot of different animals for the kids to see. It's always crowded and this year while we were there, school children has been bused in to tour the farm and get a ride on the
haywagon out to the fields to pick their pumpkins.

It was an overcast day and it even rained a bit while we were there, but the kids didn't mind...they were having way too much fun! And we didn't mind felt a lot more like fall with the cooler temps and a slight breeze blowing.

It was a lovely day!

On a much different note - I've been watching the weather channel since Monday morning and can't believe the devastation the eastern and northeastern part of our country has suffered. It is heartbreaking.

Although I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween, I know that for some people it won't be. I did hear that Halloween has been "postponed" in New Jersey and I'm glad for that. I think holidays are important - for people of all ages!

Take care,


Sally said...

Wow! 20 lbs. What do you do with all those apples?

HollyM said...

I've never had that variety but I love apples. Fall is such a wonderful time and that farm sounds great.
Happy Hallowen!

IzzyR said...

OH your pictures look so yummy..

Michele said...

How nice to have apples like that available to you! Yum! You must know lots of ways to cook apples :-)

nanci said...

Oh Terri, so true about the Eastern seaboard! We travelled south just ahead of it all, although thankful we had sunshine all the way from Ontario, we knew what we left behind.
loved your photos, just said it all.