Saturday, September 29, 2012

A few more strips...

It's Saturday already....the time has sure been zipping by lately. And it's already Fall, although here the temps have gone back up to HOT! It's always that way in September and October. The rest of the country is getting their lovely cooler, fall temperatures and we're finally getting our "what should have been summer" temps. We'll be going to pick apples soon and it is always hot when we do that! Hard to wrap your head around it, but it's a fact.

Anyway, I've managed to get a few more strip sets sewn. It's always therapeutic for me to sew strips together and I also love the element of surprise when I see such disparate fabrics just thrown together.

I went to my small quilting group the other evening and started sewing the cut strips into blocks. I think I'll wait to show them until I can get quite a few of them up onto the design board so you can see what I'm actually making. Kind of a surprise - for you and for me since they are just in a pile right now!

Hoping to get out for a "Sunday drive" tomorrow. We haven't done that in such a long time. The 405 freeway is closed this weekend and that will probably affect the traffic in our area too so who knows how far we'll venture. It doesn't really matter because it's still an adventure.

Take care,


Lurline said...

Looking better all the time!
Hugs - Lurline.

Sally said...

Have a lovely Sunday drive and be sure to report on your adventure. I'm sure you'll have some great photos to share. You always do!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

the colors are just so yummy!!!