Monday, June 11, 2012

No luck!

Every year about this time, we drive out to Leona Valley to pick cherries. Most of the time, we have checked online and know that we will find them. This year was different. Our favorite ranch didn't have any cherries at all so we decided we would drive out anyway and see what we could find. What we found is that very few of the ranches/farms had cherries and what they did have were pretty dismal (tiny and unripe).

We spoke with several of the growers and they don't really understand what happened this year. They're not sure if it was weather related, or water related or something else. It's a pretty sad situation.

So, no cherries for us this year. We are so spoiled by having fresh, plump, juicy cherries right off the tree that buying them in the store is a huge disappointment.

We still very much enjoyed the day. The scenery was beautiful out there and there was a slight, cool breeze.


Nanci said...

It has to be lack of rain, and not enough bees to pollinate is probably the biggest issue. Here in Ontario, at the cottage there are fewer bees than in previous years.

Sally said...

Love nibbling on ice cold, fresh cherries. What a disappointment. We've had the strangest weather here in Pa. My lupines which should normally be just about ready to bloom did so about a three weeks ago. Thought I'd go and buy a few more but those are all well past planting stage now. Bummer for us both. And the local grocery store can't keep enough rhubarb (or sugar or pie crust for that matter) in stock for strawberry rhubarb pie because the strawberries ripened so early.