Thursday, May 10, 2012

Memorial Day Decorating Ideas...

Memorial Day is going to be here before we know it. It's celebrated on Monday, the 28th this year. That's in only 18 days!!! I decided I had better get started looking for some easy, but fun, decorating, cooking, and quilting ideas and here is what I found.

I love this porch and wish I had one just like it. Oh wait...I do have a porch, not just like this one. but it's a porch. I actually have two porches (well, one's really a balcony) and a backyard patio. I could do this bunting from BHG and it would look wonderful. Pretty easy to do too. I doubt it would take very much time. I might actually get this done in time for the holiday (that would be a first) :) I like the little pup too!

This is also a wonderful and very patriotic idea (also from BHG) for Memorial Day and/or 4th of July decorating. That huge flag really makes a statement doesn't it? And, the quilted pillows and patchwork quilts just add the perfect finishing touch. 

These quilts are terrific to use for patriotic decorating, but they also work for any time. Very simple and easy to make, but stunning. There's no pattern on the BHG website, but I'm sure it would be very easy to find a pattern for a quilt like this. I love the way that red really pops against the blue walls.

Look at this! Here's another really cute and easy bunting idea from Tip Junkie! Visit the tutorial page!

Yum....these look so good, don't they? Tip Junkie has another cute and easy idea for picnics or parties. Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich Pops...aren't they perfect?

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Barb said...

What a fun way to celebrate...great ideas..

Diane J. Evans said...

You're right -- everything is just beautiful, but the puppy is the best.