Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sometimes, in my eagerness to order new and beautiful fabrics, I probably don't pay attention as well as I should. Like thinking I'm ordering 6 charm packs and instead ordering 6 6-packs of charm packs. Eeeeks! I've got 41 of these charm packs available!

Well, I'm tired of them sitting around and, seriously, I need the space that they are using. That's why I've been having so many sales recently. I still need more space. I can't order all the beautiful new fabrics that I want until I have somewhere to put them. Honestly. Oh, and btw, all those sales that I've been having? They're A-L-L still in effect. Now would be a very good time to purchase some of them if you like them. I won't be re-ordering any of them once they are gone.

But, hey! Back to the charm packs. I've decided that I will include one charm pack FREE with each order over $40. Starting now. However, (isn't there always a "however") if your order is for 7 yards total, then including the charm pack could push your shipping fee to the next level. I won't include the pack in orders where the shipping fee would increase as a result. Unless, you instruct me to do so.

I hope to see a lot of these disappear soon!

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