Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gothic Prairie finish!'s a top finish, and that counts for something, right?

I love my Prairie Gothic quilt top. I changed the border fabric from the medium print that I had planned to use to this much darker one and I really think it makes the quilt "pop."

The sashing fabric is what really makes it come alive though, and you all know that I love my reds/pinks/oranges/lime greens!
I was originally planning to send this off to be quilted, but now I'm not quite as sure that's what I'll do. It's small enough that it would be easy for me to quilt. I guess I need to decide the quilting design I want and that will help me make up my mind about what I'm going to do. I suspect that I'll still end up sending it out as that will free up more time for me to continue working on all of my other projects.

It's really waaaay too early in the year to be this indecisive. lol

Take care,


Sally said...

I LOVE it! Border choice is fantastic!

AnnieO said...

Wow! Lots to enjoy in every inch of this one. I like your sashing very much and it's a great counterpoint to the splashy blocks and border!

SarahVee said...

Your quilt is fantastic! I love looking at it. congrats on such an early finish in 2012. love your blog's new look too.

Crispy said...

WOW Terri, I really really love this quilt. Your choices for sashing and border were spot on!! It's truly beautiful!!


PS - Those lovely socks you sent me have finally worn out. I was even wearing them with holes in the bottom of the heels LOL. Though they are now gone, they were VERY much loved :0)

Diane J. Evans said...

Simply gorgeous -- love the combination of fabrics!


Patty said...

Wow! That is a great quilt. I love the striped sashing, it adds just the right amount of lightness.