Monday, October 03, 2011

Halloween post!

Country Living had some wonderful Halloween ideas I just had to share. This first one is especially spooky...

and I love black and white plates, I just never thought of using them as Halloween decorationgs. What a great idea!

This is a wonderful idea too! LOVE the orange feathers!!

This is not necessarily a new idea, but I always love using vintage postcards for decorations. 

And these ghosts are made from white tissue paper wedding bells with cheesecloth draped over them. How cute!!

I think this is the most clever idea of them all! Florescent eyeballs made into a wreath. Wonderful!

We can always use more cancleholder and pumpkin ideas, right?

I like this costume because it reminds me of my little nephew. I'm going to send this picture to him in case he wants to be a Lego for Halloween! :))

Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

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Theresa said...

That lego costume is spectacular...yep, definitely filing that one away in the memory banks!