Monday, June 20, 2011


I think these peonies are the most gorgeous ones I've seen in real life. They are stunning and about 5-6" across.
And I found them at the supermarket. Can you believe it?

Life is hectic right now as I'm preparing for company. Sometimes I just need that kind of motivation to get things done. :)

Tomorrow is the first day of summer! It looks like it might be a great one this year. At least I'll keep my fingers crossed. It doesn't have to be too hot, but a little sunshine each day would be nice.


Crispy said...

Those are pretty! The only ones grown here are the red ones.

Have a great time with you company. I'm cleaning in preparation of visitors too. Two teenagers (13 & 17) will be here on the 4th. It will be weird having teenagers around for the summer :0)


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing the flowers, it's brightened my mood. I adore peonies and these are a gorgeous colour.

Exuberant Color said...

It may just be the lighting but they look like they are a coral color. My peonies are done blooming so I love seeing some blooms again.

If it weren't for company my house would probably never get a good cleaning.

Jean said...

They are gorgeous. My peonies seem to have died out this year, they didn't come back. I miss them and will have to plant some more. Is this a new variety?