Saturday, October 02, 2010

Just playing...

We had a fun morning...went and got a bagel and cream cheese, then strolled the Farmer's Market and bought some flowers and veggies.

I'm playing around with PSE, trying to learn it and design a watermark I like. It isn't intuitive and I'm thinking I may have to take a class (if I can find one). I'm still using Paint Shop Pro most of the time, but would like to have more capabilities at my disposal.

Anyway, it's hot here today although this morning was cool with big, puffy, rain-filled clouds that drifted over us and away. Leaving us with a beautifully sunny day!

I'm thinking maybe a late afternoon drive to the beach might be in order.

Happy weekend!


Crispy said...

It's always a challenge to learn new programs. Be brave and be willing to click on anything as long as it doesn't say delete or reformat :0)


Janet said...

The roses are gorgeous. Good luck with the learning curve, I would have trouble with technical things like that and have to do a class.

Martys Fiber Musings said...

No, don't give up and remember that you can't make a mistake, just use the "undo" button and start again. Mucho fun! I did take a class to jump start me...helped me get over the fear of this gadget I had just purchased. Well worth the cost of the online class.