Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine baking ideas...

My favorite online shop for baking supplies, Fancy Flours, is at it again. They always have the cutest and most clever decorating ideas for every holiday. Look at these adorable "Bee Mine" cupcakes.

This "I Love You" postcard reminds me of all the quilted postcards that we, as quilters, make. I love how this looks.

And, these take me back to my childhood. Do you remember exchanging these kind of "retro" valentines (cards, not cookies) with your schoolmates? It was just simple fun!

Hope this has given you some new and creative ideas to try for Valentine's Day!


Diane J. Evans said...

Actually, my mouth is watering right now -- how far away is this bake shop from Schenectady????

These are works of art -- too pretty to eat!


Jackie said...

The Bee Mine cupcakes I could probably actually do!