Saturday, December 05, 2009

A little giveaway...

I've been going through my stash lately and have come across some things that I forgot I even had. Like these blocks. So, I think it's the perfect time for a little give-away!

If you like these blocks and would like a chance at "winning" them, just leave me a comment. I would love to hear what your very best and most rewarding gift giving experience has been.

Let's see...I think I'll plan on announcing a winner on Friday. So, from now until Thursday night at midnight EST, you are welcome to join in!

Good luck all!


Kathryn said...

My favority quilt gift giving experience was the quilt I made for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday. It had all the family members names, birthdays and signitures on it.
Kathie L from Allentown.

Anya said...

How generous of you! Thank you for the chance.
My most satisfying gift-giving experience would probably be any of the Project Linus quilts that I've made. I don't get to give them to the child personally, but I know that the quilts are loved.

Jenny said...

Thank you for the chance...I would make a table topper of these for my friend who's husband is in Bagdhad until next year...I love making quilts for all the new babies in my life, but last year I made a quilt for a child with cancer who attended a local camp called Camp Whatcha Wanna Do and thru my guild I received a picture of the child, who chose my quilt, holding it up for the camera...I felt really good about that. Thank you for the chance.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Terri, these blocks are beautiful! I think my most rewarding gift giving experience was sharing a little out of my bounty with a lady who is in drug rehab and is trying to raise a son alone. She has no job, and cannot get a job until she is finished with her rehab. She lives in a different state, so I asked my BFF to take this lady to do a little Christmas shopping for her son. I think it is more rewarding to give to someone who can't give back ;-) Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blocks.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

After we moved to the lake, I surprised my husband with a portable ice fishing house without even knowing if he wanted to fish. Well, it's been a few years and he uses that house almost every day there is safe ice on the lake (and I get to eat fresh fish)!

Jackie said...

Terri, What beautiful blocks! I have to say that the best gift giving experience that we still talk about to this day is... My kids and I planned a weekend getaway for my hubby's birthday. He always wanted to go up to Portsmouth, NH. So we arranged the hotel, the itinerary, packed our clothes and his too. When he arrived home from work, we asked him to change his clothes because we were going out to dinner. We got in the car and I just started to drive and drive and drive. He was starting to wonder where we were going. Well needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised and we all had a wonderful weekend. It was great to put a smile on his face and have fun doing it too!

SewCalGal said...

What a delightful giveaway. Hymm. I guess my best gift giving experience has been to give "my" collection of Christmas ornaments, to someone whom I met that was going to string popcorn. I was moving, shortly after Christmas, and found it more fun to give my ornaments to a family that really would appreciate them. And I have other great gift giving experiences, but they all focus on gifts to those more in need.


carmel said...

i love those blocks!
i have 2 boys and it could look so cool as a quilted blanket for one of them
my best giving hand made experiance has ben latly that i desided to give back to some people that have helpt me in the past or did something nice for us. so this is the tipe of things that i keep in my mind that when the day will come i would like to sew some presents for them.
ans sew i did!
it was great and it felt good!

Kathleen said...

I made a quilt (very quickly as there were only days left) for a grandfather to give to his young grandson as he said his last goodbye. The grandfather was in hospice, and both were strangers to me. Weeks later I received a letter with a pic of the two and the story of the exchange. Of course I wept, but felt so good that that boy has something to hold onto now that reminds him of his special grandfather.

Love the blocks - I have just the project for them!

quiltmom said...

I love star blocks Terri, Yours are wonderful- I especially like the black and red ones.
My favorite gift giving experience was when I gave my grandmother a quilt. It is the only one I made her and she loved it dearly. I made it for her 85 birthday and she was not quite 87 when she was taken from us suddenly in a car accident. I love giving quilts away to others - it was hard to do in the beginning because it felt like I was giving away a little bit of myself but I now just get so much pleasure from giving someone something that I know is going to be used and loved.
Happy Holidays,
Warmest regards,

Angie said...

My favorite giving memory would have to be just this month when I finished my very first quilt and gave it to our 2 year old daughter. It was a turning 20 pattern (I only used about 13-14 fat quarters). It was Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric and I was so excited to get to give it to her. I love watching her wag it around and cover up with it!! Now, I have 4 boys and a DH that are requesting their quilt plus other family and friends.........

I love these blocks. I would have to say that this pattern and the friendship star are my 2 favorites. I just did a block swap and someone made me 2 of these and they're my favorites!

Thanks for doing the giveaway. I love reading all of the stories. :0)

Have a good night.


Beth @ The Quilt Ladies said...

Don't you love finding things you made some time ago. I always try to remember what was going on in my life and why I didn't use them? Oh, just me, they are beautiful and a great pattern, thanks for sharing.