Monday, November 30, 2009

A couple Wreath ideas...

Over the course of our lovely 4-day weekend, I was able to steal a few moments here and there and search for Christmas Wreath ideas. These are some of my favorites.

These are from Good Housekeeping. I love it's simplicity of this first one.

This wreath is almost identical to the one my sister made for me only mine's better! :) I do love the pink and green.

This is a very clever idea. I'm sure we all save old Christmas cards. I think this may be the wreath I make this year.

Then, there is this lovely and wild wreath from Sunset Magazine. I like this one a lot too, since it's so different.

This one is from Sunset too! This is probably more typical of the wreaths seen at Christmas, but it's beautiful in it's quiet simplicity.

These next two are also from Sunset and I love them too. They both must smell wonderful and I love the "greeness" of each.

Now, here is an idea for a wreath this is completely original! I could do one like this since I see these flowers all the time at the Farmer's Market. I may have to do a wreath for both inside and outside since it's so hard to decide on just one.

I saw this idea a while ago and it's gorgeous, isn't it?

I hope you enjoyed my little "wreath" tour and that you got some inspiration from it.

Take care,


Janet said...

I love them all. The last one I would consider good luck for bringing money into the house becaues of the shape of fruit. If you make the christmas card one, you must show us, it's good recycling.

Crispy said...

The wreaths are beautiful. I haven't put one up since we moved to ND, with the wind here it would blow away and putting it inside the storm door kinda defeats the purpose LOL.


Judy said...

Beautiful wreaths...and thanks for all of the ideas! I purchased one a few years ago that I use every year. It has a brass horn on it, and so that needs polishing before I hang it, but that's about it! I still love it.
Happy December 1st!


Diane J. Evans said...

I just LOVE making wreaths (I truly believe you and I were separated at birth . . .) and these are gorgeous! I tried printing out the instructions from GH's web site, but I had no luck. I'd love to make the Ornament wreath and the one made from old cards. Where there's a will, there's a way! Thanks for sharing these!


Kim D. said...

Thanks for the inspiration, gorgeous!!