Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Here's the knitting I'm working on presently. Using Red Hearts Heart and Sole Sock yarn in Razzle Dazzle colorway, I'm knitting my standard sock pattern but am doing an 8-stitch repeat rib down the leg and onto the foot. I'm really happy with this inexpensive yarn and the way it looks using this rib pattern. It feels good too!

DH and I have decided to take next week as our "staycation" week. So, if you place an order in the shop after Thursday (9/3/09), it won't be shipped until 9/15 or so. We'll be here, but we've vowed not to turn on the computer or do any business the entire week. We'll probably make a few day trips and just generally take it easy and relax.

I've also heard from Westminster Fabrics regarding the charm packs, fat quarter packs, 2 1/2" designer rolls and quilt kits that I ordered w-a-y back in May. I was told I'll be lucky if I get them. I'm really disappointed and I'm not going to count on getting them. I will work on putting my own "designer rolls" together. Kaffe also has a new book coming out in Oct/November timeframe and I'm going to put some quilt kits together for that.

That's it for now.


Jackie said...

Love the colors that you are using in the socks. They look great! Good for you and you hubby! Enjoy your staycation!

zquilts said...

I LOVE these colors and the socks too !
A good thing for Fall. I am making more fingerless gloves !

Crispy said...

Lovely colors for the socks!! Have a wonderful time hangin' out with your hubby :0)


Cathy said...

Those socks sure are razzle dazzle, just gorgeous!! Have a great staycation...great idea too! I can't wait to get Kaffe's new book, hopefully sooner rather than later (I'm not that patient when it comes to Kaffe!). xo

Kar said...

Love the colors in the RH Heart and Sole yarn. I just bought a big bunch of it for the girls sweaters. I start on them in the next couple of days and you can stop by and check out the two color choices the girls picked. I'm excited!


Jackie said...

Enjoy your staycation! I find that sometimes they are the best vacations in that I get a chance to really relax!