Monday, May 04, 2009

Somewhere along the way in my quilting journey, I discovered the book, Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! This Rail Fence quilt was made from instructions in that book. It was fast and easy and I loved making it since I got to blend fabrics and colors to create it. I used a 100% cotton decorator fabric in a buttery yellow floral as my "focus" fabric so it was easy to match colors to that.

The quality of these photos of my old quilts are not spectacular by any means since they are scanned from old snapshots. It appears that at the time, I wasn't interested in seeing the pattern as much as just seeing the entire quilt. No matter that I had to scrunch it up to get a photo! :)


Jackie said...

I always like to see first works, it kind of gives you some perspective on how you have progressed over the years.

Crispy said...

I really like your scrunched up quilt photos. Makes the quilt look more interesting when the pattern is a repeat. It's interesting that you picked a light colored fabric as your focus, most of us pick a medium or dark fabric first....clever girl.


Judy said...

That is a wonderful quilt...and I love the feel of your apologies necessary!

I've missed you...are you ok?