Monday, April 27, 2009

My second quilt, a Trip Around the World, was made for my little sis in colors she requested. Blue, white and pink. I had finally shopped around enough to realize that the best way to learn to quilt was from a book, not a pattern. This was from Eleanor Burns book, Trip Around the World. In the next couple of years, I made several other quilts using her patterns as they were always very easy to make with easy to read and understand directions.

This is fun. Spending time on Memory Lane.


Crispy said...

Nice quilt Terri. Eleanor has always designed such nice patterns. I never machine pieced them but loved using some of her blocks.


Jackie said...

So true, my first few quilts were from Eleanor Burns. Great directions and went together easy. Still do.

MYRA said...

Well, I shall have to invest in some of Eleanor's books then I think... I need all the easy I can get right now... lol!