Friday, April 17, 2009

Back in the early-mid 90's, Jane Davis used to belong to my quilt guild and my small evening group. She was an excellent artist/designer with exquisite taste and she did impeccable work. I used to tease her about being famous one day and I'm not quite sure she believed me at the time. She has now written so many books that I've lost track...I think it's around 16 or so.

Unfortunately, she no longer attends our meetings and I think the last time we saw her was 5-6 years ago at our December Holiday party. I miss her but I know she has a very busy life and she's not quilting much these days.

In a round robin (like the one Judy is participating in) our group did, she was one of the members of my group. We were divided into groups of four and our leader was the only one who knew the members of each group. I think we had four or five groups total. Anyway, we each made a center block and then it was passed to one of the remaining three members of our group, who each added a border. All of the borders were pieced, as none of us knew how to applique at the time, except the border that Jane added to MY block. I tell you, I was thrilled that she was so generous with her time and expertise.

I did some trapunto around the edges of the center block in the white area and marked it in pencil. Which I couldn't remove. I panicked because the quilt was scheduled to be in a quilt show in two days. So I used bleach. Yes, straight-out-of-the-bottle bleach. Thinking I could wash the quilt when I got it back from the quilt show. Stupid thing to do. It turned that part of the quilt yellow, which I have not been able to remove and I'm sure it weakened that area of the fabric.

Jane also made this little "quilt" for me for my birthday one year. Wasn't that sweet?

She was always the first to try a new technique and this was the first time I ever saw or heard of "paper-piecing" or "foundation-piecing."

I'll always treasure these since Jane had a hand in creating them.

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Crispy said...

Oh Terri, what a wonderful memory you have of a dear friend. It's sad when people just slip out of our lives. Your Round Robin quilt is just gorgeous!!