Thursday, March 05, 2009

THANKS Terri! I followed Terri's lead and used IDye to dye the chenille I purchased to make a robe. Here's the before...

After several washings and MANY trips through the dryer to get rid of all's done! At least it's dyed and ready for me to start sewing. I used Crimson and even though I had no real idea what color it would be when finished, I didn't care because dyeing this much fabric with IDye was way easier than using Procion. Actually, I LOVE this color and am very happy with the whole process! I highly recommend using IDye for simple projects like this. I got mine at Dharma, a site I love, but there are other retailers listed on Jacquard's website.

I even over-dyed some of my hubby's black jeans and it worked really well. Anyway, won't I just be a vision in a robe this color? It certainly won't be easy to miss me.

Just a note....I don't recommend washing or drying this much chenille at home. It "sheds" way too much fiber and it's really heavy when wet and takes a toll on the transmission of your washing machine...ask me how I know. It worked fine the first two washings, but the third time (when I was dyeing the fabric), the machine would not spin. I was stuck with a load of 7 yards of unrinsed, DYED, HEAVY, WET and dripping fabric that I had to get out of the machine so I could take it outside to dry on the lawn.


StegArt said...

Glad to hear your IDye experience went well. The color is beautiful. Now I will be anxiously watching what it all becomes.

Judy said...

Beautiful, beautiful color! Thanks for the heads up on the washer problems though!

I am loving the sock pattern...thanks so much! ;-)


Linda said...

Hi, Terri,
I am the younger sister. Can you tell?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love the color! It surely will turn out a beautiful warm snuggly robe.