Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Make Puffy Hearts in a Jiffy. Gather your scraps, charms, stitching supplies, and get going!

Mixed-media artist Belinda Spiwak is addicted to making these easy and fun puffy hearts, especially because creating them gives her a way to use up her scraps of fabric, fancy fibers, and embellishments.


* Material for the base, such as fabric scraps or a Tyvek® envelope
* Ribbon, fibers, trims, and embroidery threads
* Charms and beads
* Pins
* Heart-shaped template
* Sewing machine or needle and thread
* Fiberfill

Puffy HeartDirections:

1. Using your template, cut out 2 years (a front and a back), from your base material.

2. embellish the front and back as desired. Fuse or stitch on scraps, add beads, embroider, etc.

3. If desired, cut 2 short pieces of ribbon: 1 for the hanging loop at the top of the heart and 1 for hanging embellishments from the bottom. After embellishing the bottom ribbon, fold both ribbons in half to form loops and pin them in place on the wrong side of the fabric, so the looped ends extend out from the edge.

4. With the wrong sides together, sew the 2 heart pieces together, leaving a small opening for the stuffing.

Stuff with fiberfill until the heart has the desired plumpness and then stitch the opening closed.

These hearts make great gifts and look wonderful gathered in a basket as a decoration.

Directions courtesy of Quilting Arts

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