Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've been sewing hot pads lately for fun and in response to a few requests. I'm just using all my "clean up" cuts as Wanda refers to them. It's fun, addictive, and very easy to do and they look GREAT when you're done!

I quilted one of the first very heavily and then decided it made more sense to quilt them "in the ditch" since it allowed them to be more flexible for use. We learn as we go along, don't we? Anyway, I've got a whole stack of them waiting for binding, but I had to clean my garage first! :)) Now that that is done, it's back to binding!

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Judy said...

I'm curious about your pot holders....did you use any insulating fabric in them, or are they heavy enough with the batting, to keep the heat from getting to your hands?

I just love them and will have to get busy with some of my own!