Monday, November 10, 2008

I know we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but it isn't too early to begin sewing and making Christmas decorations and gifts. Such as these stockings made from old blankets. Instructions for these are on Martha's site here and couldn't be easier. In fact, this may be a fun project which calls for a trip to your local thrift shop in search of wonderful old blankets! How fun!

The same thing works with old sweaters too. Look at these from Martha's site (instructions here). It would be fun to "felt" some of the wool sweaters for a heavier fabric from which to work. So many possibilities....

Felted sweaters would also work great for this wonderful bag from Country Living. This would make a great "gift bag", filled with items the recipient would love.

OK, another way to use wonderful fabrics is to cover boxes. Either for decorating purposes or for gifts. Look at these from Country Living.

Here's another idea from the Country Living site. Fabric flatware holders. This could be used to give a gift of vintage flatware or as beautiful storage for your own precious flatware.

One last thing. Look at these. Aren't they great? These ornaments would be fun and easy to make, assuming you have a good collection of selvedges. But, why take the time away from other projects, when you can just go to CAROLINASQUIRRELL etsy's shop and purchase them and many other cute ornaments.

Have fun,

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