Friday, November 21, 2008

As I strolled through my yard this morning, this is what I found. Some of my Camellia's are in bloom, but just on one side of the house. There are many more buds waiting their turn too! They are such perfect flowers. I love them in the garden so I don't cut them to bring in the house, but it is possible. They are lovely floating in glass bowls.

On the other side of the yard I found both these hibiscus. I have pink, white, and orange planted but only the white and pink are in bloom. Prolific bloom, I might add.

I love a tropical look and that's why we have giant Bird of Paradise, Queen Palms, Pygmy Palms, Plumeria, Meyer Lemon Trees, and Hibiscus as our foundation plantings. Under these larger plants we have planted Camellias, Impatiens, Hydrangea, and various succulents.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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