Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm busy. Loading new fabrics into my webshop. These are some of the new Flower Show II fabrics from Benartex. If you are unfamiliar with Benartex, they produce a wonderful quality fabric. It's always very color-saturated and they have exquisite designs!

It's windy here today so it's a great day to stay inside and get some of this done.

Just over the hill from us there are a couple of large fires burning and the smoke is just awful. And, for some reason I was thinking that we had survived fire season without any big fires. Ha!

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Judy said...

Just gorgeous fabrics. You need to print some of your own fabric with the lovely succulent photo that you have in your sideline.
I've been reading about the fires out your way. The Santa Anas sure seem to be driving them. Sorry for the smoke!

Take Care!