Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I love the Chevron Scarf and I can feel myself getting back in the mood to knit another one. It's an easy knit; you can knit in front of the TV with ease. I was looking around on Flikr for scarves made from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock yarn and here's what I found. There are so many gorgeous possibilities aren't there?

1. Chevron Scarf, 2. chevron scarf detail, 3. closeup, 4. Chevron Scarf Folded, 5. Chevron Scarf Unblocked., 6. Chevron Scarf

1. chevron cowl, 2. Chevron Scarf Closeup, 3. Chevron Scarf knit with Socks That Rock, 4. better

1. Socks that rock Chevron scarf update, 2. Lou's Chevron Scarf - upclose, 3. WIP: Chevron Scarf restarted, 4. IMG_3042

When I decide upon my yarn choices/colors, I'll be sure and post it for you to see. Have any of you have made this scarf? What color combinations did you use? What yarns did you use?

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