Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're back from Quilt Festival...and our little trip was wonderful. We had excellent weather in Long Beach. The evenings were especially gorgeous with just the slightest cool breeze. We stayed at the Hyatt which is adjacent to the Long Beach Convention Center, where Quilt Festival was held, and this was our view. I'm not kidding..we had a great view from our room!

We did quite a bit of walking, since everything to see was within walking distance, and my feet hurt to prove it! :) Here are some of the other views from our room and our walks.

I just love the vibrant color of the flowers in front of the red-orange "Bubba Gump" sign, especially at this time of day. It was late afternoon and you know how wonderful that light is.

The quilt show was fun and BUSY! Wow. At one point, we just decided to leave and go get lunch since we couldn't even get down the aisles there were so many people. We ate at Gladstone's and it was great. Try the Grilled Romaine Hearts salad if you go..it was WONDERFUL!

We ran into our friend, Nick Coman, at one of the booths. He's such a character and always fun to be around (or take a class from). Look at the gorgeous flower arrangement he's standing next to. And how about this one? These were put together by a friend of Nicks and they are stunning!

I'll be posting a bit more about the show and our trip, but that will be in the next couple of days.

See you then!

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