Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On Sunday we spent part of the day at the Ventura Swap Meet. It's not quite the same as Long Beach or Rose Bowl, but it's a nice setting next to the beach and a much shorter drive. It was on the (very) cool side and pretty windy, but we still had fun! It's always fun to wander the aisles and never know what you might see.

The accordion brought back memories...I spent many afternoons crying, er...I mean practicing, when I was younger. I even think I taught our parakeet how to cry. :)) We saw lots of great textiles and I even bought a few which I will show you later. I'm going to be taking a class in April where I will hopefully get a chance to use them.

These tin panels from Olde Good Things were absolutely wonderful and they had such a great selection of items. These guys regularly attend the Alameda, Long Beach, Rose Bowl, and sometimes the Ventura swap meets.

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