Thursday, February 21, 2008

I took a Color Theory class yesterday as a birthday present to myself and now my head is literally spinning with thoughts of color.

When I signed up I have to admit I thought it would be just another color theory class. But, I was wrong. For one thing our instructor, Nick Coman, was such a character that I'm not sure it matters what class he is teaching; you just know you have to take it. His classes are always a lively experience and loads of fun.

This is the FIRST TIME that color theory has ever made any real sense to me and it's because we worked with the 3-in-1 Color Tool from Joen Wolfrom. I will be ordering it for my shop since I think you'll want one of these if you don't already own one! Using color "correctly" is the difference between making a pretty quilt and a stunning quilt.

During the morning hours Nick gave a Powerpoint presentation and then after lunch we put our newfound knowledge to practical use. We were given "color assignments", and as teams, we went "shopping". It wasn't easy because we were working with actual fabrics and as you all know, you can't always find the fabric you need when you need it. But we perservered and learned a great deal in the process. From now on, I'll be carrying my color tool with me everywhere I go and I don't think I'll ever again look at color in the same way. I'm excited to try the techniques we learned and maybe I'll eventually be able to make one of those quilts that, when you see it you immediately think, "WOW".

By the way, for all the guilds and quilting organizations that may be interested, I spoke with Nick yesterday regarding his lecture/workshop fees and they are reasonable. VERY reasonable. He's very knowledgable, informed, and talented in addition to being an engaging and animated instructor. Email me for his contact information.


Vicky said...

Hey Teri can you give me any special tips on how to use this, I have had it for 2 years with really no clue how to use it. I did a search to see if Nick is ever over my way but seems he stays over mostly on the west coast.

Vicky from Dyehard Runoff

imquilternity said...


Hi! Nice to see you here! I guess the tip I would offer is to take it with you everywhere you go, but I realize that's not really what you are asking. If you have a specific question or issue, then it would be easier to answer your question. I can put you in touch with Nick if you would like....he's very friendly and helpful...I'm sure he could help you more than I could!